Nancy LeMay, Regional Property Manager, SUHRCO Property Management.
"Cascade Spray Service has been treating four of my properties with compost tea for the past 7-8 years.  The board members have noticed a great overall improvement to the entire landscape and it pleases the homeowners because its safe for the kids and pets.  Cascade has provided excellent, prompt, and professional service, and the product speaks for itself."
Patty McClellen, Homeowner, Redmond, WA
"Cascade Spray Service has been treating my yard with Compost teas for years now.  I can't believe how much happier and healthier my landscape looks.  Im thrilled."
Martha Keck, Martha Kech Design
"Nothing makes our gardens flourish more than rich soil and healthy plants.  Cascade Spray Service's compost tea accomplishes both of these goals while being completely safe to the environment.  We recommended them to all of our clients."

Ken & Lori Smith,  former owners Bellevue Nursery

"We have had the pleasure of working with Cascade Spray Service for over 25 years.  Over ten years ago Jim started a regular spray program using compost tea.  We noticed a great improvement in the overall health, appearance, and sale ability of our plants.  This iwas a goal of ours, to create an earth healthy safe environment for many generations to come."

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