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Based in Bellevue Washington, Cascade Spray Service is a family owned and operated business serving both residential and commercial properties on the Eastside since 1980.

Customer satisfaction and environmental safety are the leading priorities at Cascade Spray Service.  We, along with many of you are concerned about the future of our environment.  Therefore, we've made the switch.  With our Natural programs, using Compost Teas, natural fertilizers along with other organic methods we can over time reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Jim Hepper, President of Cascade Spray Service has been in the landscape care field for over 30 years.  After investing a lot of time researching and intensivly training in the organic care and compost tea fields, Jim is convinced that by using natural procucts and practices we can create a healthy plant environment less susceptable to insect and disease problems.

Our main objective is to help our customers enjoy the beauty of their landscapes with no worries and at the the same time, better our environment.

We've made the switch, how about you?

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