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About Us

Family owned & operated since 1980

Jim Hepper of Cascade Spray Service has been in the landscape care field servicing both residential and commercial for over 40 years. 

We along with many of you are concerned about the future of our environment. Therefore we"ve
invested a lot of time researching and education in the organic care and compost tea fields. We have observed that by using natural products and practices we can create a healthy plant environment less susceptible to insect and disease problems.



Eco-Friendly Spray Service

Customer satisfaction and environmental safety are the leading priorities at Cascade Spray Service. 

Organic Matters

Healthy Development

Biologically Active

plant cut in half exposing its roots surrounded by a glowing aura.jpg

Disease Resistant

Nutrient Biodiversity

Soil Rejuvenation

We Made the Switch

Cascade Spray Service had its beginning in the pesticide application services.

         After years of applying temporary fixes, we realized we weren't curing the underlying problem.  Plant health.  Insect and disease problems occur in stressed, unhealthy plants.

         After much research and observation, in 2004 we made the switch to our Holistic approach.

         Using our organic bio fertility programs with compost tea and natural fertilizers we are able to prioritize plant health

and biological diversity to preserve the delicate ecosystem that is your landscape.

"When you know better, you do better"                                                 ~Maya Angelou

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