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It all begins with the soil

Your soil is filled with living microorganisms (or at least it should be)

Unfortunately, in todays world, with all of the pollutants and toxins that are present in our environment, many plants and soils are lacking these beneficial "good guys".  Our compost tea is a "living" tea brewed from our special blend of high quality compost loaded with a diverse population

of "good guys"  Each batch is brewed fresh and applied to your yard providing the beneficial biology necessary for a healthier, hardier landscape.

Call for a free estimate~ 425 885 9874

Our Services:

  •      Compost tea spray to trees, shrubs, lawns and gardens

  •      Compost tea soil drench to replenish the soil.

  •      Natural Lawn fertilizer

  •      Mycorrhizae injections

  •      Soil drench for new landscapes

Along with compost tea, natural fertilizers provide food for the microorganisms in the compost tea.  This combination enhances the performance of the biology to naturally cycle nutrients to your lawn, trees, and plants.

Mycorrhizae are specific strains of fungi that attach to and form a symbolic relationship with a plants roots.  The mycorrhizae is fed by the plant, encouraging it to grow and act as an extension of the root to seek out nutrients and water.

  Healthy soil ~ Healthy plants

Some of the benefits of compost tea are:

    Completely safe for children, pets, and wildlife

    Naturally creates healthier, hardier plants that are better able to resist disease and insect infestations.

    Improves soil structure so water can penetrate which over time can reduce watering requirements.

    Prevents nurients from leaching from the root zone so they are present when your plant requires them.

    Reduces soil compaction allowing roots to grow further into the soil for more nutrients and water.

    Great for inoculating newly installed landscapes.

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