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Our Bio fertility program can improve your soil and plant health to get the most out of your landscape.

Organic Nutrient and microbial boost for trees, shrubs, lawns, and gardens.

To jump start your newly installed landscape.

Embrace natural organic fertilizers and compost teas for safe, healthy lawns.

It all begins with the soil!

Benefits of Natural Organic Compost Tea

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Natural Fertilizer Spray

Natural Nutrient Spray

Completely safe for children, pets, and wildlife.

Natural Fertilizer Spray

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Healthy Soil

 Promotes a living bio diverse soil to improve structure and fertility. 

Natural Fertilizer Spray

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Healthy Plants

Naturally creates healthier, hardier plants that are better able to resist disease and infestations.

Prevents nutrients from leaching from the root zone so they are present when your plant requires them.

Improves soil structure so water can penetrate which over time can reduce watering requirements. 

Reduces soil compaction allowing roots to grow further into the soil for more nutrients and water.

Great for inoculating newly installed landscapes​​​!



Bio Fertility Program

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

bi-o-fer-til-i-ty  =  living organisms that enrich the nutrient quality of the soil

Fungi form symbiotic relationships with plant roots, extending the root system and increasing nutrient absorption, particularly phosphorus and water.

Disease Resistance & Soil Improvement

Beneficial bacteria and fungi work together to improve soil structure. They recycle soil nutrients and generally have a symbiotic relationship with most plants. They can also provide resistance to soil borne pathogens by colonizing the root zone and competing for resources. 

Improved Plant Health

Our program helps plants cope with environmental stresses such as drought, salinity, and soil PH fluctuations, promoting overall soil and plant vitality.

Natures Nutrient Boost


Compost Tea Spray

Compost tea spray provides a natural source of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients, promoting healthy plant growth.

Microbial Activity

It introduces beneficial microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and protozoa to the soil, enhancing soil biodiversity and aiding in nutrient cycling. Biology will unlock unavailable nutrients in the soil.

Disease Resistance on Plant Surfaces

The beneficial microbes in compost tea form a physical barrier on plant surfaces to outcompete pathogens.

Compost Tea
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Compost Tea

Soil Drench

Deep Root Penetration

Compost tea soil drench delivers nutrients and beneficial microbes directly to the root zone, promoting deeper root growth and nutrient uptake.

Water Retention & Reduction of Soil Compaction

By improving soil structure and increasing organic matter content, compost tea soil drench helps soil retain moisture, reducing water requirements for plants. 

~Great for newly installed landscapes~

Compost Tea Soil Drench
Wet grass

Natural Lawn Care

Improved Soil Health

Our organic fertilizers enhance soil structure and fertility, increasing microbial activity and organic matter content, leading to better water retention, aeration, and nutrient availability for the grass roots.

Reduced Risk of Chemical Runoff

Our Natural lawn fertilizers are less likely to leach into groundwater or runoff into nearby water bodies, minimizing environmental pollution and protecting aquatic ecosystems.

Enhanced Weed and Pest Resistance

A healthy lawn nurtured by natural fertilizers develops stronger roots and thicker turf, naturally crowding out weeds and reducing the need for chemical herbicides. Additionally, it fosters a more balanced ecosystem that encourages beneficial insects and microorganisms, helping control pest populations.

Natural Lawn Care
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