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We understand our customer's concerns. We've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions below. Please reach out if you have other questions!

What is Compost Tea?


Compost tea is a liquid extract of soluble nutrients and beneficial fungi, bacteria, and protozoa.


This mixture is brewed under aerobic conditions for 18 to 30 hours, during which the beneficial microorganisms grow and reproduce into millions.  

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The finished tea introduces a diverse population of beneficial microorganisms to the foliage and soil.

Why use Compost Tea?

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Plants depend on microorganisms to:

  • Occupy leaf, stem, and root surfaces so disease cannot get established.

  • Help the plants naturally cycle nutrients from the soil.

  • Break down toxic compounds that could inhibit growth.

  • Build good soil structure so air and water can reach the roots in the right proportions.

What are the benefits of Compost Tea?

Creates a biologically active soil that naturally encourages healthy plants that are better able to resist insects and disease.

  • Reduces soil compaction, allowing roots to grow further into the soil for more nutrients and water.

  • Prevents nutrients from leaching so they are present when your plants require them.

  • Improves soil structure so water can penetrate instead of running off the surface, which over time will reduce watering requirements.

  • Environmentally friendly and puts life back into your soil, as nature intended.


Why not just use compost?


While using compost is a good gardening practice, it is time consuming, labor intensive and can only be applied to the soil. 


Compost tea contains a much higher concentration of beneficial microorganisms and can be applied to the leaves, branches, mulch, and soil.

Can compost tea have any negative effects?


If compost tea is properly made and applied there are no known ill effects.

Is compost tea safe for my children or pets?


Yes, compost tea is made from all natural ingredients and contains no synthetics or chemicals.

What are the benefits of Compost Tea over time?


The use of compost tea is a  process, therefore in time will create a healthier hardier landscape which in turn will be better able to resist insects and disease.


Continued use of compost tea will maintain a good level of beneficial microorganisms in your landscape.  They'll work 24/7 to help create your own ecosystem in which your plants will thrive.


Compost tea is not a synthetic fertilizer, insecticide, or fungicide.  It will not kill insect or disease nor will it turn your lawn green overnight. Instead it aids in a holistic approach for a healthy, sustainable landscape.

It just makes sense!

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